ELECTROCELL invests in research and development of renewable energy

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ELECTROCELL was distinguished with the First Price 'New Ventures' organized by World Resources Institute and FGV/SP in 2006.

In 2004 built a 50kW PEM Fuel Cell, the largest in South America, with support of Fapesp and Eletropaulo.


Electrocell was formed by a group of entrepreneurs in 1998, with multitechnical experience, who joined efforts to develop technology related to fuel cells. Today the company is located at the Technological Park of CIETEC in Sao Paulo, the largest technology center of Brazil.

Electrocell focuses on energy generation through PEM Fuel Cells and related equipment, peripherals, accessories and services. The Fuel Cell converts chemical energy directly to electrical and thermal energy, providing continuous operation as long as hydrogen is available. Hydrogen can be purchased on the market or produced on site from sources such as natural gas, ethanol or biomass. This noiseless and pollution-free technology creates sustainable, clean and high quality energy.

Electrocell's main products are ECOGEM stationary PEM fuel cell systems from 1kW to 50kW with technology developed 100% in-house; fuel cell test equipment to US or EU standards; PEM fuel cell components, such as bipolar plates, MEA’s and sealing; electronic loads from 5W to 5kW for tests and simulation of electrical loads, inverters, gas control panels for monitoring systems and fuel cell diagnosis. Another  important, related line is bipolar batteries for electric vehicles, photovoltaic generation and other applications.

2005 the Brazilian Minister Eduardo Campos and the President of AES-Eletropaulo Dr. Eduardo Bernini could switch on the first 50kW Fuel Cell built by Electrocell. Also in 2005 a 5kW cell, integrated with a reformer for natural gas, could be delivered. Both units are in good working conditions after 5 years.

Electrocell was mentioned in the 2006 website FUEL CELL TODAY as one of only three fuel cell integraters in the world for the large stationary Market.

Electrocell was distinguished with four important prices - most important, perhaps, the award of CNI - Brazilian Confederation of Industry in 2004, among with 64.678 projects for its contribution to protect the environment, and an International award from WRI - World Resources Institute in 2006.

Besides bringing energy to isolated communities, fuel cells, with their high degree of energy quality, can also be used as a back-up or 'peak-shaving' systems for shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, industries, hospitals, financial institutions, telecom industry, datacenters and others.

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